A warm hello to all of our wonderful clients and friends of Royal Antiques.
I am writing to tell you about the future of our business. I am the last member of the family working in the store and my family has decided to sell our buildings on Royal Street.
309 Royal Street is the original store founded in 1899, by my incredible great grandmother Hermina Keil, who came to New Orleans from Alsace-Lorraine. Over the past 100 years, four generations of my family have worked in this store and lived in the apartments above. I feel so fortunate to have had grandparents who were among the first Americans to go to Europe and buy beautiful antiques. They spent so much time with me in the store and on buying trips, teaching me the history & appreciation of beautiful pieces made by hand and how to recognize and love fine patinas and the beauty of aged woods. I also learned to love decorating and the importance of helping people create
their own special and unique homes.
With all of this said, I am NOT closing Royal Antiques, however, the special store at 309 Royal Street will be closing in June of this year. I will continue the business online for now. I will be sending out mailers with pictures when I get new shipments in. I will also continue taking requests and shopping for pieces in England and France that customers have asked me to look for. My family’s business has always been a very personal business for me. It has always been about the relationships with our customers, as well as with my very dear friends that I buy from in Europe, and
that will not end.
I really cannot imagine not going to Royal Street every day, but life brings change and things happen in our lives that we never expected or anticipated and that is where faith in the future comes in. I have tremendous gratitude for the wonderful life I have lived on Royal Street. I believe the French Quarter is the jewel of New Orleans and always will be!
I am putting everything in the store on sale. Most of it will be on the website with noted original and SALE prices. There are many special pieces in our current inventory that would make wonderful additions to your homes. I will be in the store during our normal hours, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in May and the first two weeks of June. I would love to see you and thank you for being a valued part of Royal Antiques and its history!
With Love and best regards to you all! Leslee Shapiro